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Key Information, Our Priorities and School Values

The Values and Ethos of Our School:


Our school is a place where we aim to develop:

Positive attitudes to learning

Creativity and a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

Equality of opportunity, independence, individuality, tolerance, sensitivity and cooperation

Good relations, respect for others and the environment

A broad and balanced creative curriculum

Pupil achievement by providing quality experiences

"Lovely to see what the children have been doing and the variety of learning they are exposed to.We love this school!"

Parent/Carer comment from Open Evening November 2016

You can find out more about our school values, which are linked to our British Values Programme, by clicking on the links below.

Our Values (linked to our British Values Programme)

Promoting British Values


At The Giles Nursery and Infants’ School we believe that promoting British Values is an essential and integral part of our school life.   You can find out more about how we promote British Values by clicking on the link below.


Our Development Priorities

If you would like to know more about our school development priorities, just click on the links below.  These will take you to our School Improvement Plan 2015-16 and the plan's Mid-Year Review.

History of the School
The Giles Nursery and Infants' School caters to children aged from Nursery to Year 2 and also has a specialist base catering for children with an EHC plan for Special Needs in Speech and Language. The school, which is situated it in the northern area of Stevenage, was opened in September 1971. The local area includes both council and private dwellings.

We have recently undergone a school expansion to increase our school from two-form to three-form entry. Scroll to the end of this page and click on the link to see a map of the school site.


The School's Links with the Giles Junior School

Children attend the Giles Nursery and Infants' School between the ages of 3 and 7 years. At the end of Key Stage 1 they move on to junior school. Parents have to apply for this place through the admissions procedure.


All enquiries about the Giles Junior School (01438-353374) should be made to the Junior Head Teacher, Mrs Heather Davies.

Although the Infant and Junior Schools are separate institutions, strong links exist between them. The Year 2 teachers work on a transitional topic in the summer term that the children continue at the beginning of Year 3.

Special Educational Needs

Representative parents and schools in Hertfordshire have worked together to produce a template that schools can use to set out their ‘offer’ in respect of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  This is based on key questions that parents and carers have said they would find helpful.  In the report below you will find answers to the questions that parents have asked.  The report will give you a clear and detailed picture about facilities for supporting pupils with SEND and their families that we offer at The Giles Nursery and Infants’ School.

What our parents and carers say about us

Last year 100% of our parents and carers said that their child enjoyed school, was happy and felt safe at The Giles Nursery and Infants’ School. If you would like to find out what our parents and carers think about our school, then just click on the Parent Questionnaire summaries below. You can also click on the feedback link below to find a one-page summary of parents' and carers' feedback and what we did in response.


Site Map of Giles Nursery and Infants' School

Opening of our new hall - December 2014