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The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile 1

Sport Premium: spring 2017 update

We have been really busy extending our sporting activities this year. As well as doing our planned activities for 2016/17 (see below) we have recently signed up to ‘The Daily Mile’. This has been a fantastic initiative to encourage children to take part in physical exercise and inspire them to make healthy life choices. ‘The Daily Mile’ involves walking, jogging or running around a marked out route every day in most weathers. The aim of ‘The Daily Mile’ is not only to improve the children’s fitness levels but also to raise their self-esteem, increase their resilience and improve concentration in the classroom. We have already seen a change in attitude with the children displaying enthusiasm and excitement when they understand they are making their bodies stronger.


We have also started a lunchtime Yoga club which provides a relaxation time for the children to reflect and helps them develop core strength and flexibility. Our Stevenage Sporting Futures’ apprentice, Miss Dormer, has been taking Street Dance and Aerobics club on Tuesday lunchtimes and has been assisting Miss Stringer with our Multi-Sports club after school on Wednesdays. During Multi-Sports the children practise a wide range of PE skills.

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