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We are very sorry to have to tell you all that we are losing some cherished colleagues at the end of this academic year. 


Mrs Francis, who has worked as a highly skilled TA for twenty years at the school, has decided to retire. She has been a wonderful TA in Year Two for many years, has worked with the greatest dedication and devotion to the children throughout her time at the school and will be greatly missed by us all. We wish Mrs Francis a long and happy retirement and thank her for all her hard work and commitment to the school and the children.


Mrs Michelle Martin, who with Mrs Edwards has been an inspirational force behind our Forest School, and who has taught our children with understanding and passion for three years, is moving to a new school closer to home.  We will miss Mrs Martin greatly and wish her all the very, very best for her future. 


Mrs Wallbank, who has been a gentle and deeply caring TA in Year 1 for two years has decided to return to her original nursing profession. Good luck, Mrs Wallbank and thank you for your service to the school and our children.


Mrs Khanom, Year 2 MSA, is retiring from this post but will continue to devote herself to the school in her governor role for which we thank her from the bottom of our hearts. 


Mrs Baker, who works for the NHS as speech therapist and who has supported the pupils in our Base for several years, has been promoted.  Mrs Baker is a therapist of the highest standing and has enabled our pupils to make outstanding progress.  We congratulate Mrs Baker on her promotion and thank her for everything she has done for the pupils in this school.