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Next year's classes

Next year’s classes are as follows;   


Mrs Dacombe’s Reception Barn Owl Class will go to Big Cats Class with Mrs Edwards and Mrs Simmons.

Miss Busby’s Reception Tawny Owl Class will go to Red Fox Class with Miss O’Regan.

Mrs Clark’s Snowy Owl Class will go to Walker Bear Class with Mrs Dalton.

Year 1 Walker Bear Class will go to Pelican Class with Mrs Garley and Mrs Humphrey.

Year 1 Red Fox Class will go to Puffin Class with Mrs Brown.


Year 1 Big Cats Class will go to Penguin Class with Miss Hill.

Nursery children will be receiving individual letters about their next year’s teacher very soon.  


Do please note that classes do stay together in one group.  This will be the case in Year 3 as well.