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Photographs of Year 2 Activities - Summer 2015

One World Week - tasting Indian snacks

One World Week - Steel Pans

One World Week - Mexico - non-alcoholic sangria and tacos with dips

One World Week - Aboriginal art

One World Week - French cafe and fashion show

Tasting bread to choose our favourite ready to make a tally chart

Year 2 Summer Concerts

Releasing the butterflies

Making Castles ...

Using sources of evidence to find out about the Great Plague

Making Jack and the Beanstalk board games

Bean Collage

Measuring leaves from the 'Beanstalk.'

Making peg butterflies

Sewing toy butterflies

The farmer and Floss visit year 2

'On Tour' sports workshop

Habitat investigation at St Nicholas Church

Habitats - the playground

Habitats - the pond

Tree trunk investigation

Movie and popcorn - year 2 treat as a result of the election.

Y2 Election - Voting on the day of the General Election for a year group treat.

Digital and non-digital research into slugs and snails

Making and playing board games

Happy Puzzle Workshop

E-safety - learning to be our own protectors

Performing spring poetry

Spring Walk - generating descriptive vocabulary for spring poems