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Our Staff Team

Our School Team

Senior leadership team

Mrs Rouane Mendel



Head teacher

Designated Senior Child Protection Lead (DSL)


Mrs Judith Garley



Deputy Head teacher

Deputy DSL


Mrs Judith Garley


Curriculum Leaders


Mrs Catrina Brown Curriculum Leader - PE  
Miss Alexandra Busby Curriculum Leader - design and technology and geography
Joint Curriculum Leader - computing
Mrs Deborah Clark Curriculum Leader - PSHCE
Mrs Lisa Dacombe

Curriculum Leader - RE

Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Tania Dalton Curriculum Leader - art and music
Mrs Lucy Dean

Joint Curriculum Leader - mathematics

Catch-up Leader

Mrs Kerrhys Edwards

Curriculum Leader - science and computing

Joint Leader - Forest School

Year 1 Group Leader

e-Safety Leader

Mrs Judith Garley

Curriculum Leader - assessment, most able and disadvantaged pupils, behaviour

Joint Curriculum Leader - English

Miss Lisa Hill

Curriculum leader - English and phonics

Year 2 Group Leader

Mrs Maxine Humphrey Joint Curriculum Leader - mathematics and disadvantaged pupils
Mrs Michelle Martin Joint Curriculum Leader - science and Forest School  
Mrs Emma McPartland Joint Curriculum Leader - mathematics
Miss Jade O'Regan

Curriculum Leader - history

Curriculum Leader - PSHCE

Mrs Kaye Simmons Joint Curriculum Leader - mathematics  


Teaching staff


Nursery - Ladybirds


Mrs Dawn Benney Class Teacher and Nursery Leader
Mrs Michelle Martin Class Teacher  


Reception - Barn Owls, Snowy Owls and Tawny Owls


Mrs Lisa Dacombe Class Teacher - Barn Owls
Mrs Deborah Clark Class Teacher - Snowy Owls
Mrs Alexandra Busby Class Teacher - Tawny Owls
Miss Gemma Taylor Support Teacher - Snowy Owls



Year 1 - Red Foxes, Walker Bears and Big Cats


Miss Jade O'Regan Class Teacher - Red Foxes
Mrs Tania Dalton Class Teacher - Walker Beads
Mrs Kerrhys Edwards Class Teacher - Big Cats
Mrs Kaye Simmons Class Teacher - Big Cats  


Year 2 - Pelicans, Penguins and Puffins


Mrs Judith Garley Class Teacher - Pelicans
Mrs Maxine Humphrey Class Teacher - Pelicans
Mrs Catrina Brown Class Teacher - Puffins  
Miss Lisa Hill Class Teacher - Penguins
Mrs Maria Masvimbo Support Teacher - Penguins  
Mr Stefan Centala Support Teacher - Pelicans


Teaching Assistants, Midday Supervisors and support staff


Nursery - Ladybirds


Mrs Harsha Mehta Nursery Nurse
Mrs Tricia Jeffrey

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Charlotte Morgan Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Courtney Green Early Years Practitioner, SEN support, Lunch Club Assistant
Mrs Kelly Younger Early Years Practitioner, SEN support
Mrs Julie Donovan Early Years Practitioner, SEN support  
Mrs Donna Hossack SEN support  
Mrs Katie Beatty Lunch Club Assistant
Mrs Svilena Dimova Lunch Club Assistant


Reception - Barn Owls, Snowy Owls and Tawny Owls


Mrs Kirsty Brister Early Years Practitioner
Miss Rachel Freestone Early Years Practitioner
Miss Sharon Ward Early Years Practitioner  
Mrs Anna Hay Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs Michele Todd Midday Supervisory Assistant  
Mr Travis Pullin Midday Supervisory Assistant  


Year 1 - Big Cats, Red Foxes and Walker Bears


Mrs Sharon Crowley Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lindsay Wallbank Teaching Assistant
Mrs Becky Furr Teaching Assistant
Mrs Chelsie Zanelli SEN support, Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Veronica Scantlebury Teaching Assistant, SEN support
Mrs Laura Black SEN support, Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mr Jake Yates Midday Supervisory Assistant  


Year 2 - Pelicans, Penguins and Puffins


Mrs Jane Hadley SEN support; nurture club  
Ms Michaela Buxton Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Chris Long Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Francis Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kerry Hammond Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Svilena Dimova Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs Karolina Szczypiorowska SEN support, Midday Supervisory Assistant overview
Mrs Badrun Khanom Midday Supervisory Assistant - Pelicans
Miss Jo Wilkinson Midday Supervisory Assistant - Puffins
Mrs Geeta Vaghadia Midday Supervisory Assistant - Penguins


Speech and language base


Mrs Deborah Clark Lead Teacher
Mrs Katinka Baker Speech Therapist  
Mrs Jane Hadley SEN support  
Mrs Chelsie Zanelli SEN support


Special Needs/Inclusive Support Team


Mrs Emma McPartland

SENCo, Deputy DSL, Lead teacher with responsibility for looked after children and Offsite Visit Leader

Mental Health Leader

Miss Vicky Stanton Family Support Worker, Deputy DSL, Deputy Mental Health Leader


Additional teaching and learning staff


Mrs Jo Henry Teacher, PE specialist  
Mrs Sarah Hayhurst Learning Support Assistant, Pupil Premium Champion    
Mrs Philippa Mason Learning Support Assistant, Pupil Premium Champion  
Miss Jo Wilkinson Learning Support Assistant, Pupil Premium Champion  
Mrs Katie Beatty Recovery Champion  
Mrs Lucy Dean Recovery Champion  
Mr Travis Pullin Sport Apprentice    
Mr Jake Yates Sport Apprentice    



Administrative, Finance and School Resources


Mrs Alex Duhamel Administrative Assistant
Miss Jo Hatcher PA to Head teacher and Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs Jo Moran School Administrator
Mrs Kavitha Nakarasa Office Manager
Mr Arif Pathan School Caretaker
Ms Tracy Stone Finance Manager  


Catering staff


Mrs Lisa Scott Cook Manager
Mrs Carly Thompson General Catering Assistant
Ms Gemma Morrison General Catering Assistant  


Breakfast and after school clubs


Miss Amber Jacobi Club Leader  
Mrs Veronica Scantlebury Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Hadley Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Michele Todd Club Assistant  
Miss Vicky Stanton Supply Club Assistant