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Reception - Barn Owls, Tawny Owls and Snowy Owls

Welcome to the Owl classes


Welcome to the Reception classes. Our aim is to provide a caring, stimulating and effective learning environment and an enjoyable experience for the children. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in how children develop and learn.


They observe, plan and assess the children to ensure the environment and activities reflect their interests and provide the 'what next' steps to further the children's understanding and development.


The aims of The Giles Foundation Stage are shared with the whole school. We hope that:

  • the children will feel secure and relaxed and will learn in a calm and positive atmosphere
  • they will find the learning environment enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging so that they make good progress.


The characteristics of effective learning are that the children will have opportunities for:

  • playing and exploring - engagement
    experiencing open-ended play activities; finding out and exploring; playing with what they know and will be willing to 'have a go'
  • active learning-motivation
    being involved and concentrating; continuing to try and enjoy achieving what they set out to do
  • creating and thinking critically
    having opportunities to develop their own ideas; make links; choosing ways to do things.


They will interact with their peers and adults and learn from each other. They will practise, consolidate and extend previous learning and experiences. Children's growing independence will be supported and celebrated. Through SEAL circle time activities and stories the children learn to respect one another, manage their emotions and feelings in positive ways and develop their self-esteem.


Welcome to Reception September 2023

Reception talk for Parents held on 11th September 2023

Settling in


There has been a tradition at The Giles Infants' School of introducing children carefully into the life of the school.


We hope that parents will support this policy and not urge us to rush the process. Our many years of experience have shown us how important this early stage can be.


Even those children who seem to have adjusted to school instantly can become very tired during the first few weeks.


Week 1


Children start in small groups each day and spent only in the morning at school. The morning session starts at 8.50 am and ends at 12.45.


Week 2


Children begin full-time at school.


Because children are so very different, do discuss their progress with their teacher. We try to be flexible and will do everything possible to accommodate your own child's particular needs.